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Color is not who you are! It is what you make yourself up to be! In this pome by Langston Hughes called " Theme for English B". I am going to discuss the control imagery. Also to paraphrase the poem into "contemporary speak". Just like the author Mark Leyner which wrote "Life, Liberty, Whatever"!

The poem is about a black person that is the only black person in the college class. See his instructor (white man) is telling him to go home and write a page out of your heart, there for it will be true. In other words saying to forget everything that you are and write from your heart. But the student can not forget what he is! He is black and that has to do a lot with his page that he his going to write. He goes on about where he was born and what kind of things he likes.

This is he and he can not change that. He says maybe the reason that he is like this is because he is black. There for what you are who are! You can not for get your history because that's what makes you.

The basic idea of this poem is about how blacks were treated by whites. See the instructor was not thinking about the students' color, all he was thinking about was the page that had to be done. But in real life he didn't like that the student was BLACK! The student on the other hand was thinking about his color and how he is going to explain that on a page to his instructor. It is not simple to put what you feel on a page. Also he did not like the fact that the instructor...