Themes in Their Eyes Were Watching God

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It was February again and I looked outside my window, seeing everything cold and mean. There is no point I can concentrate and do my homework, there is nothing to relax and to be happy about. Winter is oppressing me, that's what it is, he's holding me back, just because he thinks he's stronger than spring and can do whatever he wants to do. But soon spring will rise up and take over, soon there will be birds and bees flying around, there will be trees blooming like the sun. When this time comes, I'll be ready and I'm going to do what I have dreamed of during the wintertime: To go outside and lay down under a tree and dream of all the exciting things I'm going to do during the season. I will learn something new about myself and at the end, when winter comes in again, I will be proud of what I have achieved in this year.

In Zora Neale Hurston's book, Their Eyes were watching God, Janie, a young and inexperienced, 16 year old girl grew up to be an independent and wise women. In the novel a lot of themes get introduces such as love, transcendentalism, self-discovery and oppression. From all those themes the most important ones are transcendentalism, love and oppression because they show clearly how Janie evolve and how she found her horizon. Hurston states in her novel "She searched as much of the world as she could form the front gate and leaned over to gaze up and down the road. Looking, waiting, breathing short with impatience. Waiting for the world to begin"(pg. 11). It is a point in Janie's life where she wants to experience new things, to find answers to her questions and to find her true...