Theory of Knowledge

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TOK Journal 3

Submitted by: Elizabeth Pezzutto

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Date Due: April 28, 2014

Course Code: HZT 4U

Part 1

The claim I am making is that war is bad.

This claim links to the area of ethics since it's judging whether there was an option to avoid war and the deaths of millions of soldiers and civilians but chose to ignore that option. It relates to history through how war has been around for a long time and a central part of the history of most countries. I had to look in different wars in history to see if my universal claim was valid and to see if war is always the same or whether it varies. History helped me look at specific situations which are needed in order for my claim to be backed up. This also relates to math and natural science through calculating the trajectory of bombs and ammunition and the chemical make-up of bombs.

Human science relates since the killing and injuring of people can affect them psychologically and physically. It affects the relationships that humans and countries have since many family members were killed and therefore changed how families lived (e.g. parents were killed and children are now homeless). Lastly, it relates to art since war has been presented by painters throughout the ages in their own interpretations whether it was from memory, second-hand or through their imaginations. It was key in the production of propaganda to rally the civilians to fight for their countries and also was described in poems for example Flanders Field.

Part 2

My claim is genuine knowledge and I am relying on the foundational tradition of transcendental discursivism in making this assessment.

War is a type and the transcendental method deals in situations so I will provide...