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Choice Theory, Social Structure Theory, and Trait Theory are very interesting and complex ideas. These theories seek to explain why people commit crimes and why some repeat them. The most persuasive theory is Choice Theory, then Trait Theory, and lastly Social Structure Theory.

Choice Theory is the most persuasive because it explains that people know right from wrong but still choose to commit crimes. This concept states that people will decide to commit a crime based on their personal needs, situational factors, and the risk and punishments of committing such crimes. If the crime is attractive enough, the criminal will seek the thrill of committing the crime. For example, my brother has committed a few crimes in his day. Of course, he was brought up to know right from wrong but my mother had a hard time getting through to him. He was a hard headed person.

For some reason stealing things that didn't belong to him was very attractive. His behavior made me wonder if he could help what he was doing.

The second most persuasive theory is Trait Theory. This theory tries to explain criminal acts through genetic and biological conditions. The theorists involved with Trait Theory say that chemical imbalances lead to anti-social behavior which, in turn, leads to criminal behavior. According to our book, many of the incarcerated females committed their crimes during their premenstrual phase and it says that women are more vulnerable during this stage. I guess this gives light to why many people, especially men, believe that being more sympathetic to women around "that time of the month" is always best. This theory also says that environmental factors lead to behavior problems. Being exposed to contaminants, such as lead, has a significant affect on the chemical balance in many...