There has always been racism in the United States. The

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There has always been racism in the United States. The only thing that hasn't always been around is racial integration. In the past, most people thought that integration was a choice, or even a privilege. Racial integration is more of a right for those of other races.

Even though many people don't think that it's that big of a deal, but they're wrong. Until around the 1960's almost all African-Americans were treated like garbage by a lot of people. After the people began to realize that even though they have a different color skin, they are still the same as anyone else. Many people now realize what was wrong in what people before us, their racial choices.

Many things have changed since the 1930's. In that time a white man could go and get any job he wanted, but the African-Americans, and any other race besides white people, had work as servants, field workers, or even just stayed at home and watched over children.

Now every man and woman has the same rights and privileges as the person before and after them.

Racial integration isn't at it highest point, but it still has had a major affect on our country. It has taught people how to live and work with everyone , same color or not.

Many things have changed, but things will still be the same, in some aspects. The integration may be working it's way up, but racism hasn't been working it's way down.