Is there a light at the end of the tunnel

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Is There a Light at The End of The Tunnel? A Comparative Study Between Religious and Secular Prophecies Upon the Dawning of The New Millennium.

People believe that the year 2000 brings worldwide devastation. They are preparing themselves for Y2K, apocalypse, and the second coming of Christ. People are taken in on a huge hype that the year 2000 will be the end of the world for everyone.

Some people believe that the pending year 2000 bug will wreak havoc on society and view the event as the end of the world as we currently know it. They expect that vital services will be disrupted and lead to an economic breakdown. Senate members predict that the Y2K bug will affect everyone in someway. They say that major sectors of the economy will be at risk. These sectors are public utilities, telecommunications, transportation, commerce, small business, and national security. They also believe that they will affect importers of oil and coal.

Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut says that health care is at the worst risk right now. He says that, "As much as 80-90% of our doctors' offices are not compliant. 64% of hospitals still have serious problems with the Y2K issues," (Senate Y2K Report Wendy Griffith). The senate also believes that they will affect Medicare, power companies, banks, and stocks.

People now believe that they must remove their money from the banks. This is true, but most of them are waiting until the end of the year to do this. If everyone goes to the bank simultaneously to remove their money, then they will cause an automatic depression. The banks do not have all of the money in the bank at the times that people will want their money. If everyone takes their money out of the banks at...