The thing they carried

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The Great American Opportunity In America today, we have a problem of looking at the big picture. Not the big screen downtown in the local movie theater, but the screen of human life. In a movie once, an actor said, "life is cheap to those type of people". This was out on the back roads of Denton, Texas. Motorcycles whizzing by in the hard, pouring rain. Brad and Janet were caught flat with a bad spare tire. Brad knew he should have got that darned spare tire fixed. Yet, the overwhelming thought of pleasure led Brad, a well-mannered man, to the back roads to fulfill his manly desires. The small picture is that Brad dressed up in his tux and looking like a total dork is really what the viewer called an "asshole" in the live version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The window shoppers driving by at midnight in Denton might have the same thoughts as Brad "life is cheap to those type of people".

The degenerate of America were all lined up outside the theatre with seven dollars in hand to put on a show and take part in their right of passage. The Rocky is a very long show when watched by ones self. Yet, add some energetic sprites and the show takes on the persona of a Broadway play. The window shoppers just see men and women cross-dressed and not the masterpiece inside the theatre. Sometimes people need to step back from the window and walk over to open up the door in order to see the big picture. The big picture is present in my life.

The essay "The Thing They Carried" has a relationship with my life. The Army was an underpaid, dreadful period in my life. The extra canteens, the...