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One night I was looking straight at the stars, while I was lying down in the balcony. They are quiet; it is weird because they always tend to talk to me. The moon looks at me, but she does not say anything. What is happening? Am I not interesting to them anymore? I dislike this situation; I want to talk to them, I want them to be my secret-holders. I hear noises close to where I was. There are people playing, but I don't seem to know them. Then, I started asking to myself if I really know me, who I am, and then I realized I am a persistent, a spontaneous and a jealous girl.

There are so many ups and downs in our lives, but for these causes good or bad one should not give up or let them go. If one does not feel like battling for getting his or her wish or objectives, there is not place to go.

Everyone knows life is not easy, life has so many downs, well, and at least, my life has had. Since my mom sickness; car accidents; parents problems; decisions; responsibilities; dreams that could not turn out to be true how I wished; however, I am still battling I have not given up. Because, I know what happened to me it have not been the worst things ever and if they have, I am still having hope. Being persistent for me is to be in love with our dreams. If I fail there is one way to continue, and this is easy, just to stand up, that is what I do, keep going, no back up.

Other tip in my life it is being spontaneous, that I agree sometimes has been good, sometimes has been bad. I have always...