Thinking and Decision Making

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Today's business world needs employees who can think openly, powerfully, and accurately. Business relies on people to be able to resolve problems, make decisions, and answer questions successfully. When you analyze information, thought patterns are what determine the way one thinks and reasons on matters. These patterns of thought are what assist in deciding between something simple and complex. This paper will analyze creative, logical and persuasive thinking. The three styles will also be compared and contrasted and applied to the decision-making process.

Creative thinking is one of many different forms of the thinking process. Kirby and Goodpaster (2007) define creativity as "changing the old into new." Each individual can think creatively. Contrary to previous thought, an individual's gifts or talents do not limit creative thinking. However, creative thinking is limited to the ability of the brain and the language in thereof.

The beginning steps of creative thinking involve the brainstorming process.

This allows the individual to generate various thoughts (Kirby & Goodpaster, 2007). Using those thoughts, the individual moves on to coaxing creativity. Kirby and Goodpaster (2007) define the method of "coaxing creativity" in a five-step process. Step one involves desire; in order to become a creative thinker the individual must want to become one. Step two involves knowledge and skill; an individual must have the ability to be creative in his or her thinking. Step three is the Edisonian Effort; using spontaneous thought to develop creative ideas. Step four is fermentation and insight; giving the process time, and using daydreaming methods help achieve creative thought. Step five is evaluation; ideas and thoughts need to be shared, this process leads to the validation of our thoughts.

Creativity is not limited to the talented and the gifted. Everyone can formulate creative thoughts. As a Business Analyst for Wells...