Thomas Jefferson

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Thomas Jefferson was a very influential and courageous man, he did not hesitate to step forward and make a stand. Through God, he had many accomplishments before he became president. God used Thomas while he was president to help repeal many acts and make good decisions for America. God also used him even after he retired. In all, God used Thomas Jefferson throughout his whole life, before coming president, in his presidency, and in his old age.

God did many things through Thomas Jefferson before he became President. In 1769, he served as a delegate to the Virginia House of Burgesses. In 1775, he served as a delegate to the then forming Second Continental Congress. Then in 1776, was one of his most important works, he drafted and signed the Declaration of Independence. To continue that, in 1777, he became a delegate to the Virginia General Assembly. Because of this he was then elected Governor of Virginia in 1779.

During 1784-1789, he acted as an American Minister to France. Then from 1789-1793, he served as a secretary of state under George Washington. He then served as vice president under John Adams in 1793-1801. These are all the accomplishments that Thomas Jefferson did through God before becoming president of the United States.

God used Thomas Jefferson the most during his presidency. He was president from 1801-1809. While he was president God moved him to enact the Louisiana Purchase, another one of his important works. God lead him to send Lewis and Clark on an expedition through the Wild West to chart a way to go through America on a boat. Without him sending the expedition at that time, we could all be crowded on the original 13 colonies. Not having a clue what was out there in the Wild West because,