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To my fellow Americans:Beware! I greatly fear that if Barak Obama is elected President, along with the liberal media favoring him, we run the risk of being kept in the dark of Obama's strategy of advancing his questionable agenda during his presidency. With only a few media sources of fair information available, these media outlets opposing Obama will probably become very alienated from public access and will have an uncertain future. Remember how President Hugo Chavez in Venezuela closed that TV station as soon as he attained power, simply because the TV station did not share his socialistic views? What about V. Putin in Russia suppressing any free media in opposition to his policies? How about us? Well, we Americans, that publicly oppose Obama's agenda, will run the risk of being socially humiliated and ostracized by Obama supporters if we dare to question any of the issues the new "false Messiah" promotes.

The recent episode involving "Joe the plumber" is a perfect example and only the beginning of what could be coming.

I survived in the communist country of Cuba, and I can clearly see the handwriting on the wall. Fidel Castro was very eloquent, charismatic, and made wonderful promises of change for a better life for all (except for the rich) when he came to power. Ah! He also claimed in the beginning that he was not a socialist but a reformer. Watching Obama speaking at the Democratic convention, along with the ornate Greek columns behind him, brought me back in time. It brought tears to my eyes along with some terrible memories. How can it be possible that this might be happening in America? It did not take long for Castro to ruin our beautiful country Cuba, and expose himself as a communist. Once communists attain...