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Emily Mettert


ARTH 2050:001 History Of Western Art 1

October 15th, 2014

First Art Encounter, The Three Horses

The three horses outside of Rocket Hall on the University of Toledo's main campus are in the art sculpture known better as, "The Noble Horses". In 1999 Peter Busby, the creator of these sculptures, was the awarded winner to have his art shown and placed on the University of Toledo's grounds. These three eleven foot tall creatures were created out of lots and lots of wire and were transformed from 3600 pounds of steel rods into fluid and intricate sculpture of three horses to try and perfect the capture of beauty in motion. They are also made of 200 rigid steel rods measuring roughly three-eighths inch in diameter and 20 feet long. This wire is coated/hot dipped with galvanizing. The galvanized finish on this sculpture offers an excellent base for the artist to apply a final coat of linseed oil and a blackening agent.

Because of the dramatic changes in temperature in Northwest Ohio, it was chosen as the best method to protect his art work for the future years to come ass it will still be residing on our campus, as they are expected to stay. The title is clearly set with the help of a small rock with a plaque with the words "The Noble Horse" in front of them. Typically grass on universities are cut and manicured to look professional, nice and appealing. But as for where the three horses stand the grass is kept longer to give a more realistic effect. One of the horses is supposedly grazing or eating the grass. Another horse seems to be just standing there in no particular fashion or in the mist of doing something, while the horse behind...