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Tick-toc, tick-toc went the clock inside my head.

As I rush into the house, I quickly grab a snack and run up the stairs. Tick-toc tick-toc! I change into my pjs while I yank my socks off; I rush for my chair and thrust my arms and stretch my fingers onto the power button on my laptop. Tick toc tick toc! I throw my binders out of my backpack while I rummage through my boring thick endless textbooks. Tick toc tick toc! I scribble and scribble yet the scribbling never ends. Pages after pages, yet my pile of paper never seem to run out. Completing homework after homework, the hours and minutes seem to fly out the window. Tick toc tick toc! Eventually my endless amount of homework ends and my time for sleep has come. It seems like only 10 minutes have passed, but already the sun rises and I must, once again, get ready for another day of chaotic work.

Tick toc tick toc.

Ever since grades and school have crept into my mind, this endless tick toc sound of the clock has never stopped. As the New Year starts, I began to question, what is time? How would you describe time? Is it simply just a round machine that has a constant ticking noise? Or is it something totally intangible? If I could stop all the clocks and watches then would time stop?As these thoughts came into my head, I continued to stare at my computer screen. It has already been 2 hours since I turned on my computer and what have I gotten done? NOTHING!! Simply nothing. For the past 2 hours what have I been doing? I carefully thought over again and all I see are Facebook pictures and email letters that I've sent and...