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For many years, Timberland has been a firm with social responsibility embedded within its culture. As a response to a steady sales decline in the 2000s, Timberland repositioned itself as the authentic, sustainable, outdoor brand, in order to make a change. Their mission is helping consumers to make a difference in the world, especially in the communities that we live.1 By their effort, Timberland has been included in Ethisphere's 2012 list of the World's Most Ethical Companies.2 To advocate social responsibility behaviour and create real environmental changes among people, the company started the Earthkeepers campaign in 2008. 3

Timberland improves their products and the sustainability of them. The owner of the company, Jeffrey Swartz, requests the outdoor industry to come up with an "Eco Index" to measure the environmental impact of their product.4 The company committed to reducing its environmental impact. They use more renewable energy and more recycled materials.

On the other side, they create less waste and use fewer chemicals. In 2010, Timberland start the project of becoming carbon neutral. Furthermore, it makes 42 percent recycled rubber outsoles by using Green Rubber compound. The designed products have afterlife. The durable products can meet the consumers' needs and also educate the importance of environmental protection.

Timberland creates a connection between products and being an educated individual in the purchasing process. Timberland honor explicit and implicit commitments and promises by proactive methods. The company shows trustworthiness by being transparent to public and it is fully committed to lower its usage of carbon. The company began publishing annual reports and current statistics. It covers all of their goals, achievements in environmental issues.5 It also being transparent and honest through the social media, for example, blogs, Facebook page and YouTube account. Consumers can post their responds to the campaign on the media.