In the Time of the Butterflies compare and contrast essay

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In the Time of the Butterflies Essay

Political oppression can destroy not only a family's sense of independence and success but also a country's sense of independence and success. Unique strengths can be developed and can bring out the best and the worst of an individual amongst difficult and challenging times. Alvarez's organization and development of the historical fiction helps us better understand the Mirabel family's involvement in the revolution. In her novel In the Time of the Butterflies, Alvarez explores Maria Teresa and Minerva's family environment along with the influence among the sisters to demonstrate their involvement of the revolution within the text.

The way that the author, Julia Alavarez, organizes the text helps us better understand how their family environment got the sisters involved in the revolution. Alavarez organizes Maria Teresa's chapter by using journal entries, this demonstrates her innocence and lack of maturity. The tone and the way her words are organized shows that she thinks she is, "advanced for [her] age" (Alvarez 32) and because of the age difference within her family Maria Teresa has the opportunity to watch the world develop around her as she influenced by others opinions.

In the beginning of the text Maria Teresa's opinions were not her own, this was established when she, "[was] parroting her big sister's plans" (10) and when she "defend[ed] her adored older sister" (9). While at school Maria Teresa's curiosity about Minerva's statements ignite the beginning of her political awakening.

While in Maria Teresa's chapter's immaturity is displayed, confidence and knowledge is demonstrated through Alvarez's word choice within Minerva's chapter. In Minerva's chapters Alvarez chooses mature and sophisticated words. From the way she communicates with her family, she is powerful and strong and sometimes hurts them. This is justified when Don Enrique states,