Tomatina Festival

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Tomatina Festival It's time to experience the thrill of food. One interesting food is the tomato, which is classified as a fruit. It is also a great weapon during the Tomatina Festival. Its time to launch normal tomatoes at any one that you desire. Love making tomato soup and throwing tomatoes at innocent people? Then come on up to Spain where the fun really starts.

Spain has many fun and interesting festivals that go on all year round. Spain is known for the exotic festivals it holds and the months of preparation it takes to make it all happen. One major tradition of Spain is its Christmas Festivals, but one was created long before the Christmas Festivals. Hogureas or bonfires, it is the celebration of winter solstice. People gathered around fires and then jump over them to protect themselves from illness. Other festivals include "Nacimiento," which deals with Christmas in native times.

"A Misa Del Gallo" is one of the big celebrations that Spain does. Everyone lights candles and goes to different monasteries and listen to boy choirs sing songs about Christmas. One of the oldest traditions in Spain is the Flamenco. It is about two hundred years old and still done today the same way two hundred years ago. It is divided into three parts; the "tonas," the oldest of dances, the "solea," or "seguiriya," and the "tangos." It takes a lot of talent and skill to master the dances in correct form. Bull fighting is the most gruesome and entertaining event in Spain. Bull fighting is very dangerous and can be fatal. Most bullfighters get gored in some part of their life and some have just died. Spain sees bull fighting as an act of art. How the bull and the matador are suppose to be friends.