Tomorrow's Manager.

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Tomorrow's Manger

Just as the world continues to evolve at lightning speeds, so will new technologies. These technologies are limit less to only the imagination. One certainty of business in the future will be the changing role of traditional management styles. Even in today's technology, managing a mobile or remote work force is not uncommon ground. Tomorrow's manager will require a new approach separate and distinct from the traditional role of management. Key roles of tomorrow's manager will require a new team-based organizational focus, strategic change planning, motivational and control methods, and vision.

The business world has changed continuously throughout time through the effort of people and management pushing them to construct bigger, better, and faster concepts. This trend will continue in the future except, it will become a necessity. To best manage, infrastructures must be established that align with this trend. Team-based concepts with self-managing work groups will become a requirement for the success of tomorrow's organization.

It will be key to keep employees involved. Gary Dessler, a university textbook author, describes employee involvement as a program. He states, "An employee involvement program is any formal program that lets employees participate in formulating important work decisions or in supervising all or part of their own work activities" (Dessler 392). The manager role must equally adapt with the ability to organize and lead this type of infrastructure.

The market place continues to demand the use of technologies to support and deliver quality products and services at lower cost. This in conjunction with competition pressures will demand strategic planning skills from tomorrow's management. Tomorrow's manager must be deft at establishing global, national, regional, and local strategies that will ensure success from every market. It will require development of a solid competitive strategy. Dessler best describes how to formulate a competitive strategy.