Total Quality Management

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This paper explains the value of quality in relationship to customer satisfaction of three organizations in three different sectors. This paper will also outline the differences between the strategic role of TQM within each organization and explanation of the need for customer-driven quality. This paper concludes with a matrix outlining each organization's leadership and their TQM roll.

SSM Health CareThe SSM Health Care (SSMHC) is the organization representing the non-profit sector. SSMHC, founded 1877, is a not-for-profit health care based system sponsored by the Franciscan Sisters of Mary. SSMHC, a St. Louis based organization, "provides primary, secondary, and tertiary health care services. The system owns, manages, and is affiliated with 21 acute care hospitals and three nursing homes in four states: Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin." (SSM Health Care Leading the Way, n.d., para.1).

SSMHC employs approximately 5,000 physician and 23,000 employees who work together to provide inpatient, outpatient, ambulatory surgery and emergency health care service.

In 1990, SSMHC was one of the first Catholic sponsored health care group to implement continuous quality improvement (CQI) (SSM Health Care Leading the Way, n.d.). SSMHC continuously finds ways of improving patient care, which is a part of its commitment to CQI. Different levels of SSMHC's staff members work together to make immediate patient care improvement with an emphasis on congestive heart failure and ischemic heart disease. This clinical collaboration has resulted in "more than 80 percent of SSMHC's patients who have congestive heart failure and atrial fibrillation receive coumadin treatment compared to the benchmark of 64 percent." (SSM Health Care Leading the Way, n.d., in the Employees Drive Success section, para. 2). SSMHC applied CQI to resolve its high employee turnover rate. SSMHC modified its benefits packages, approved a work from home option, and offered flexible hours to its employees. This...