Total Quality Manager Model and Methodologies

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Quality management has become one of the most important factors considered by the top management today. Managers place a lot of emphasis on quality today because of the demands of consumers who have become more knowledgeable about what they need and the value that consumers place on quality. The two main priorities that deal with quality are high performance design and consistency in quality levels.

As a total quality management expert, there are many opportunities for me to show organizations how to effectively use TQM models. I will determine and select a total quality method to present to the organizations leadership for incorporation in the strategic planning process. The model will be in line with current organizational strategic plans, which will increase internal and external customer quality significantly. The chosen TQ method will also have to benefit the organization financially, effectively, and efficiently while still serving the need of TQM. There are various models available for the organization to choose that will provide a system of evaluation, which will define the area of quality, needs, a process of correction, and a conclusion report. The chosen model Continuous Quality Improvement will meet and fit with the organizations mission, vision, goals, and objectives.

According to the Wikipedia Encyclopedia (2006), "Continuous Quality Improvement is a management approach to improving and maintaining quality that emphasizes internally driven and relatively continuous assessments of potential causes of quality defects, followed by action aimed either at avoiding decrease in quality or else correcting it an early stage." Quality is judged by meeting and exceeding of clients expectations, needs, and wants. Success will be achieved if quality is effectively managed. CQI seeks to improve the process as oppose to blaming the employee for process flaws. By increasing overall quality the organization increases image and trust with customers,