Toulmin Analysis of "School Choice is the Greatest Civil Rights Issue of Our Time"

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In "School choice is the greatest civil rights issue of our time," Karen Iacovelli, school choice pioneer, speaks out against government funding being unavailable to private and home school students. She believes that arguing against school choice "reveals bigotry, envy, fear of change and protectionist defense of an educational industry struggling to meet the needs of children..." Through her adversarial arguing style, she thoroughly portrays her convictions using numerous supporting ideas and backing proof.

Iacovelli uses the claim "It [school choice] is, most importantly, the greatest civil rights issue of our time and key to our survival as a beacon of liberty and global might" to illustrate how strongly she feels towards this issue. The claim is indeed straightforward; Iacovelli's beliefs are clearly presented to the audience.

The definition of where education happens was decided by the case of Yoder vs. Wisconsin where it was ruled that education does not happen merely within the confines of a public school.

It happens in churches, homes, and places outside of government buildings. Due to this ever-present fact, Iacovelli believes government funding should be available to all educational facilities, not just public schools.

The cause of government funding being unavailable to private and home schools is due to the claim that "taxpayer-supported school choice programs violate the seperation of church and state." Iacovelli battles that claim by arguing religious toleration towards a parent's choice of where their child attends school. By subjecting students to attend a school absent from religion and filled with violence, government officials are removing freedom of religion from the lives of countless students.

The value of private and home schools is immeasurable. Iacovelli states, "School choice models have demonstrated how tax credits and vouchers will not only stabilize property taxes, but increase public school per-pupil expenditures. When a percentage...