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Tourism in Milton Keynes


In 1967, 150,000 Londoners were to move to a new town over a period of 20 years. Including the pre-existing population and natural growth, the goal was to develop a new city with a population of 250,000 by the mid 1990s; hence why Milton Keynes was built. However it was not only built to house people, tourism also played a part in the new town.

The purpose of this case study is to investigate how and why there is a need to use different strategies to manage tourism in Willen Lake and Newlands, Milton Keynes. The location I have chosen is at the heart of the UK and it is only 5 minutes away from the M1, this allows people from all across England to visit. There are different types of activities that attract tourists (e.g. Wakeboarding, Extreme Aerial Kayaking ect.). Willen Lake gets one million tourists a year; this makes it the perfect place for my case study.

It is important to have tourism in MK because its builds the economy of the town, and creates more jobs for people living in and around MK. It is also important for these tourist attractions to be managed because it attracts more visitors and they come in enough numbers to make tourism pay.

The hypothesis' I have chosen for this case study is there are a range of strategies used to manage tourism at Newlands and Willen Lake South. My second hypothesis is there are impacts of tourism management at Newlands and Willen Lake South. I will be proving these hypotheses throughout the case study.


Tally Charts

This method will display the amount of cars and pedestrians at Willen Lake, we will use it because it will be a quick and we can easily turn...