"The Tournament"

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The Tournament

Jacob Ames

How the Hell did I get here?

I woke up in the corner of a small, dark room. It was pitch black. I could see nothing. My head was throbbing, and I was very tired. I was propped up, sitting in the corner. The walls were made of stone. I checked my body for any kind of wounds. I felt a large cut on my head. I could feel the blood. I wasn't too bad though. I'd survive.

I got up and felt my way around the room on my hands and knees until I can upon what felt like another man's shoe. I picked it up. There was another person in this room. I checked my pockets for anything that might be useful for self-defense. I found only a small knife, and my wallet. I took out the knife. I could tell by feel that it was a Swiss Army knife.

I pulled out one of the blades. It was small, but I could still use it. It was all I had. I stood up. I quietly moved around until I hit some bars. I moved across, feeling each one hit my hand. I suddenly knew where I was.

The prison. In 2023, they didn't have beds in prison. They didn't have anything. The only accommodation to the hardened steel bars and impenetrable walls was a small hole in the corner of the cell. I'd been here before, but only for a few days. Why was I here now? And who was here with me? I gripped tighter on my knife.

I took the shoe and smacked in on the ground. It made a hollow thud. But it was enough. I heard a movement in the far corner. Even though it was black, I could...