"Traditional Ethical Issues Facing Marketing Researchers"

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"Traditional Ethical Issues Facing Marketing Researchers" was a

surprise. First, I was surprised that there were so many ethical issues to take into

consideration and then I was surprised by the complexity of some of the scenarios. For

example, scenario 5 when the clients product management team wants to omit damaging

research from the formal report in order to avoid negative product image. The research

company wants to meet the needs of its client but "doctoring" the report provides false

information. It isn't ethical to knowingly provide false information and untrue data. But,

what does the research company do to handle this situation? I was just stunned to see

that this type of dilemma would even exist since the client did hire the research firm to

provide accurate information and not just information that made their product look good.

Traditional Ethical Issues Facing Marketing Researchers"

One of the biggest things that occur on Super Bowl Sunday is the introduction of dozens

of new commercials aimed to capture the attention of viewers, and in turn, increase

sales. In a 15 or 30 second advertisement, marketers are tasked with motivating a

consumer to desire the product being sold. One of the most interesting things I took from

the ¡§Traditional Ethical Issues Facing Marketing Researchers¡¨ article was in Table 1 where

the following example of an ethical delima occurs:

Scenario 2[a]

A survey finds that 80% of the doctors responding do not recommend any particular

brand of margarine to their patients who are concerned about cholesterol. Five percent

recommend brand A, 4% recommend brand B, and no other brand is recommended by

more than 2% of the doctors. The company runs an advertisement that states: "More

doctors recommend brand A margarine for cholesterol control than any other brand."

Does this represent a...