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Two hours to get to the place that would under normal circumstances would take only half an hour is a usual phenomenon in Dhaka city now. Most of the day one faces one or the other traffic jam on the way to his/her destination. The unruly traffic conditions not only wastes valuable time and energy but in recent years have taken countless invaluable lives too.

The reasons for such a terrible traffic condition are numerous. First of all, implementation of the rules and regulations is slack and in many cases non-existent. Secondly, many of the drivers on the road lack proper training of driving their vehicles and ignorant of the general traffic rules. This is especially applicable to the rickshaw and baby taxi drivers. Thirdly, traffic of three different speeds in the same narrow road also increases the traffic problems. Finally, many of the roads in the country are riot wide enough to bear the traffic load that plies those roads.

Even though the reasons are numerous and sitting in the middle of a hopeless traffic jam it might seem that the problem could not be solved, a few steps and efforts on the part of the people and the policy makers and the law enforcement agencies can solve this traffic condition. First of all, everyone using the road must follow all the traffic rules no matter what type of transportation one uses. Orientation must be given to new rickshaw-pullets or baby taxi drivers about the traffic rules. Strict enforcement of laws should be made to ensure that no one gets away with breaking the traffic rules. A blue print of the road network of the city needs to be made and streets can be mad one way for better flow of traffic. To avoid excessive jams...