Tragedy or Comedy

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Three sisters written by Anton chekhov is a play about three prozorov sisters living with their brother, Andrei, who wants to be a violinist and scientist. After the death of their father, one of them, Masha, married with a school teacher. And the other two sister who are Olga and Irina were still unmarried. All of them wanted to be back to Moscov in which they were born because they were very bored with living in a rural place. But this dream would be a bit changed by their brother Andrei because he married a girl, Natasha, who lives in that rural place and will soon begin to lead the house towards her own directions and ways. In this small russian town they met a group of soldiers who will be friends and a small society for those Prozorov sisters. An army officer,Vershinin,is one of them and soon will be a very close friend for Masha.

Although both of them are married, they begin to be closer and closer eachother because Vershinin has a boring and sick wife and Masha looks for a more sophisticated life. One of these sisters' friend is Chebutykin who is an unefficient doctor already forgotten all of medicines he knew.

As time passes, Andrei who married with Natasha begins to be interested in gambling. While he does things, Natasha has babies and get the control of the household. And also she commit adultery. And Irina is courted by Baron Tuzenbach and Solyony. While all of the love triangle continues, a very destructive fire collapses all the town and so three sisters face their unimportant and simple lives. The main question is that this is a tragedy or not.

In some ways, it can be said that this is a comedy. Because vershinin and tuzenbach are...