Tragedy Of Desdemona

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The Tragedy of Desdemona In the Shakespearean tragedy, Othello, the real tragedy would be "The Tragedy of Desdemona. Desdemona is one of the few characters in the play that has no idea that they are digging themselves a hole deeper and deeper, bringing them closer to death. Desdemona does not know that while she is trying to help Cassio back into his rank she is making it seem to Othello as if she is in love with Cassio.

Iago, who is upset with Othello and wants revenge for Othello's wrong doings, sets up a plan to take Othello out of his rank and to eliminate Cassio while he's at it. Desdemona is innocently caught in this plan when Othello finds Cassio with the handkerchief that Desdemona had dropped without noticing, using it to wipe his beard off. This upsets Othello because he had given it to Desdemona when they married.

Desdemona wishes she never saw the handkerchief because she thinks she has lost it because she can not find it. This on its own leads Othello to want to kill Desdemona for seeing another man behind his back. After Othello kills Desdemona, he finds out that Desdemona in fact did not sleep with Cassio or even have any loving feelings for him but was really just trying to sweet-talk Cassio's name to Othello in order that he may reinstate Cassio to lieutenant. Othello after hearing this, can not take the fact that he had killed his fair wife Desdemona when it was not her fault the entire time. Othello then kills himself so that he may be with his wife, the one who was true and loyal enough to love him.

In conclusion, Desdemona was an innocent person in the Shakespearean tragedy, Othello. Desdemona, not...