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Different forms of modalities are used for training and learning. In this paper the author will writeabout three different training modalities. The author will describe he advantage and disadvantage ofeach one. Scenarios will also be discussed, using contents, timeframe and type of organization.

Video Conferencing used as modality training, is certain closer to a traditional classroom.

Videoconferencing modality training use screens to take the place of an individual instructor (Gray and Harryman 2006). The camera in this instance replaces the eye of the individual instructor, and themicrophone as the voice that strategically speaks for the instructor located in the room with speakers.

Interactions are possible to carry on as if the individual instructor was in the room. Many oldtechnologies may also be used to avoid too many adaption's. As a scenario: A traditional chalkboard canbe used, but minor behavioral changes are needed from the instructor to do so. One other scenariowould be the writing in columns than writing the long lines across the board.

These two scenarios aredrawn from an educational organization setting. Instructors can easily walk in with an audio or videorecording, and plays it without major problems. The Instructor then observes the expressions of thelearners while they watches the video as he or she would have done if the instructor was physically nthe room or location, given all the seminaries with the classroom setting of minimal physical instructor.

An entire lecture hall can be integrated a, and many different locations can be connected. All can bedone very efficiently through the videoconferencing modality training method.

Advantages of videoconferencing•Allows live instructor-student and student- student visual contact•Allows the use of traditional classroom media such as blackboards and handouts. While, alsoAllowing for the use of audio and video recordings, as well as, slides presentations (Powerpoint)and other.

••Allows for brining in videoconferencingDisadvantages of...