Trends in US History Before 1776

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Some things will never change. This is true of the trends in America's past. When the first Englishmen settled here, up until the present day, we have time and time again gotten ourselves into the same sticky situations. From the beginning, the country has continually experienced racism, foreign disputes, and money issues.

Racism was first present in the first colonies that settled here in America. This first instance of racism in the colonies wasn't directed towards African people, but towards the Native Americans. Early Americans thought of the Native Americans as unclean, uncivilized savages. The Native Americans were treated very poorly, and many were killed from diseases that the Europeans brought over, such as small pox, and forms of the common cold. This continued until well after the Revolution, and many Natives were forced into slavery. Another form of racism that is still an issue with the older generation is the belief that African Americans are inferior to Europeans.

There were very few African Americans over here when the colonists first came overseas, but as plantations began popping up in the south, the number of Africans that were brought over skyrocketed.

Foreign policy has always been an issue for America. It all started when the thirteen original colonies were formed, and hasn't ended yet. The obvious problems came about after the colonies decided that they wanted to gain independence from England, but there was the big slave trade with Africa, as well. There weren't many problems in the relationships of the Europeans and Africans, mainly because the Africans didn't have a centralized government, and deals were made through individual tribes. Problems also arose between France and America, but that wasn't until the war started.

The per capita income in the USA is higher than anywhere else in the world,