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Esteban Castaño Gomez

Mrs. Kaufman

English 11-1

January 30, 2014

Zoos, a good place for entertaiment or a hell for animals?

For a very long time, people used animals as a font of money or benefits. As time has passed many animals have been taken away from their families, been abused and died. In modern times people used animals to provide food, make work easier, and help with security, but that is only the good part of the story. As money is an important element in life people try to do whatever it takes, to have some of it.

Zoos even though they are a place where animals arent treated as badly as in other places like circuses, they also are treated badly. Owners of zoos (government in most cases), convince people that zoos are not a bad place, telling people that animals feel good in zoo territories and persuading people that there is nothing bad in them, but as we know, people never tell the other side of the story.

Have you ever asked yourself, where do these animals come from and how? Most of the time animals from zoos, arent animals from the local country or city. Most of the time they are forced to enter a boat and leave their family and their ecosystem, and thenn when they enter the boat they need to stay in it approximately 4 days in the ocean, causing animals a lot of sicknesses that probably causes death.

When you go to the zoo you enjoy seeing these strange animals, but you don't really know how they feel. These animals are taken out of their home to stay in very small cage where it is not like to their natural home. Zoos try to create a very similar habitat to their...