The Triumph of the Free Market

Essay by vinni119 March 2003

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Based on the strongest foundations of reason, logic, and non-coercion, the principles of the free-market are just as applicable to proper government and social conduct as to economics. To illustrate this, I will explore in broad terms the moral and practical reasons the free-market is the best base for a proper society. First, I will explain how interference with market processes creates massive economic harm; second, how deviation from market concepts leads to a corrupt and tyrannical government; and third, how the establishment of anti-market principles and systems are impractical and thus inevitably fail. Hopefully, you will see why the innate superiority of the free-market is my deepest conviction and even share that belief by the end of this paper.

It is well established that the non-interference paradigms of the free-market produce an environment most conducive to economic health by eliminating barriers and regulation detrimental to creative freedom. When another system supplants the free-market or a mixed economy is instituted, great damage is caused to the economic foundations of a society, eroding advancement and prosperity.

Any system that is anti-market then, by definition, consists of contrary ideas. Mechanisms involved in collectivistic systems serve only to erode the mindset that encourages progress and success, under the illusion of restoring balance to the market because it is 'unfair' or 'dangerous.' The opponents of the free-market operate behind a shroud of good intentions while they advocate the redistribution or equalizing of wealth and property, but this always comes at the price of coercion against another--an inconvenient detail too often left out. Thus, they remove most, if not all of the incentives for success through this pillaging of the productive and rewarding the sloth and lack of initiative of the unproductive. Such a defeatist attitude continues to grow until the entirety of a society...