The Truth About the Atkins Diet

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The Atkins diet has not only proven to be a well designed and crafted weight loss regimen it has also been tagged as a renowned and innovative source of cutting carbohydrates within your daily meals and/or snacks. Utilizing supplements has its recourses as it tends to alleviate the more fatty and sugary foods which in turn leaves no valid avenue for obtaining and/or replacing any of the sources for which we have ultimately given up. Whatever your personal feelings are regarding the Atkins diet it has proven to be an effective source and diet regimen for individuals all over the country yet understanding that it is not designed for everyone.

Do you need more energy? How about boosting your self-confidence? Would you like to feel more attractive? Have you ever wanted to lose weight and keep it off? How about minimizing the risk factors for certain diseases? In the past, did you think that in order to lose weight the right way you had to cut out red meat, remove the skin from chicken, eat a lot of salads, etc.

I'm sure we all have heard or know of someone who has been on the Atkins Diet. It has had a successful result ratio for a large portion of men and women. Of course there will never be one diet that works for everyone, but the majority has had great results.

The Atkins Diet is one for which eliminates fruits, cereals, breads, grains, starches, baked good, dairy products, starchy vegetables and sweets. During the initial two-week induction of the Atkins Diet, only pure proteins are allowed. Pure proteins include meat, fish, shellfish, poultry and eggs, along with pure fats such as butter, olive oil and mayonnaise. A total of 20 grams of carbohydrates are allowed during this initial 2-week period.