Turnstile Immigration

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Lorne Foster, the author of Turnstile Immigration: Multiculturalism, Social Order & Social Justice in Canada holds a Ph. D. in sociology from New York University. He currently works as a research consultant and writer in Toronto Ontario. Turnstile immigration simply means that select persons gain entry into the promised land only on foot one by one (Foster, 14). In his book, Foster discusses the past and present immigration policies, and the impact that immigration will have on out future as Canadians. He argues that immigration should be a means for building and strengthening Canadian society, and it should be promoting social justice within Canada. The underlying thesis of this book is rather straightforward: to restore sanity to Canada's immigration system, the field of immigration must ultimately, and perhaps continuously, realign its principles such that is conductive to both the implementation and expression of democratic values (Foster, 23). The primitive principles of social order and social justice in Canada conflict in a way as to render the immigration system virtually inept.

To a degree, immigration in Canada has become a bureaucratic codification system that has little to do with democratic principles and a lot to do with finding a way into or out of the country through a labyrinth of exacting passageways and an unfathomable maze of red tape (Foster, 13). Foster argues that in Canada, many of the new guidelines in immigration policy discourage and often prohibit the immigration of racial, ethnic and socio-economic minorities. He also argues that such a policy ignores Canada's diverse make-up a non-discriminatory immigration policy.

High-Tech immigration, or as Foster refers to it, "designer" immigration displays a very accurate means of allowing someone into Canada. Approximately sixty percent of Canada's immigration program is currently in the independent immigration category,