Two Different lifestyles

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Five years ago, I did not have the same view of life as I have today. My aim back then was to have fun and not to worry about anything. I was employed and living with my mother, so I did not have to worry about any bills nor did have any responsibilities. What fascinates me the most, however is the differences from then to now.

At age eighteen, most of my interest was based on having fun, whichever way I could. Although I had a nine to five job, going to parties at night did not stop me from having the fun I wanted to have. There were five of us who partied a lot and our motto was "live life to the fullest, and live it like it's the last." After work, my girlfriends and I would gather at my home, after our gathering we would decide on a club to go to.

Getting into the clubs was one of the easiest things for us; simply cause, the bouncers (security) and owners of the clubs knew us. On most occasions we were placed on the V.I.P list, so paying to get into the club and buying drinks were all taken cared of.

Now on the other hand things are a lot different. I am a full time employee, student, mother and wife. I have a three-year-old son who needs his mother to groom him into a respectful young man and I also have a husband who needs me at his side. After my son, Kanii was born I took things more seriously and he was the real turning point in my life. I consider myself more responsible now and I also have goals that I would like to achieve by a certain age. I have a house to maintain, bills, a husband and child to take care of. Parties do not fascinate me like they did before. I now live a more mellow life that consists of a lot of planning for the future.

From my experiences I have learnt a lot throughout the years. It was fun five years ago while my single parting life lasted, but I knew reality would step in eventually. I am now a more loving, understanding, caring and a devoted person with a lot of responsibilities and goals to acheive.