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Betty chose a pink and orange vest to go with her brown flower print skirt. She decided that a brown blouse would look nice under her vest as she thought it would pull her entire outfit together. Her clothing choices confuse her family, friends, co-workers, and anyone she encounters. But, for some reason, Betty can pull this look off without looking too ridiculous. Every day Betty looks like a little old lady straight from the 60's era; but thank god, she doesn't act like one! She is a very young, active, and lively girl who enjoys life.

Her family is used to her quirky choice in clothing. Betty's sister has offered repeatedly to take her shopping and possibly get a makeover. However, Betty has no interest in that what so ever. She doesn't see a thing wrong with the way she dresses and doesn't even notice the way people gawk at her anymore.

At the magazine company where she works (which she just started), her co-workers just cannot get used to her style. They are amazed by the pieces of clothing she wears together, as they never match. Betty seems unaware of the stares she receives as she walks by on her way to the print room. She goes about her business and does so very innocently.

People tend to be unkind to Betty; thinking her feelings do not count just because she lacks fashion sense. At times, Betty questions her position in the company and asks herself if it really is worth staying. She wonders how far people will go with their comments and sees no reason for them. Most of the time, Betty ignores the remarks made by the people around her and keeps her head up high.

Betty can buy her clothes cheap, as she shops at the Salvation Army or Frenchy's. God knows, they certainly do not sell her style anymore in the stores, and haven't for years. Betty enjoys finding bargains on what she calls 'nice clothes'.

I think Betty will keep her style for a long while to come. She thinks she looks good and must feel good in them.