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Unbiased Talk Matrix

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October 20, 2014

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Unbiased Talk Matrix

University of Phoenix Material

Unbiased Talk Matrix

week two assignment

Instructions: Consider the following mediation situations. Think about what is wrong with the mediator's behavior in each situation, writing your explanation in Column 2. Propose a better alternative and write it in Column 3.

Mediator Behavior

What's Wrong with It

Improved Alternative

After introductions, the mediator says, "First, let's hear the plaintiff's case."

Mediation is a person who can help make decisions when dealing with two parties. When a mediator is involved then the individual who is being mediated cannot be referred to as the complaint it would not be appropriate for a mediator to use their feelings and beliefs on who should be the plaintiff, because it would be unfair to the other party's involved. Because it would look like the mediator has already decided who has won which allows for them to have the upper hand.

After the introductions have been made, then the mediator should go to the next step which is the mediator should ask the parties that are involved if they are willing to resolve and settle this conflict. The mediator needs to keep an open mind and needs to treat both parties fairly. When the mediator chooses who should go first, it should not be based on a personal verdict. Once all the parties involved have expressed their sides then it is the mediator's duty to then ask the parties how they feel would be the best solution for the situation. Which then the mediator must give their undivided attention and pay close attention to what is being said so that they are able to appropriately help the parties...