Unhealthy Fashion.

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One might like big butts. In our past women would disguise their natural form in a variety of shapes, which made men love imaginary women. Men loved the s-curve. The panniers would expand the woman's waist at the sides, making them look asymmetrical at the waist. Instead of wearing clothing for comfort, people subjected themselves to wearing clothing which made them look good. Clothing used to segregate the classes of people, by wealth. Throughout the years fashion has been detrimental to health.

Some of the new footwear squish the metacarpals. High heels harm the ankles and knees. In a short amount of time high heels become uncomfortable to walk in.

The American dream causes people to become very materialistic. They need the label. Most often the label is less comfortable and durable, but it sure does look cool. The new low-rise hip huggers can cause damage to circulation of the hips, and cause yeast infection.

Many people idolize the skinny anorexic and bulimic models/actresses. This was started in the 12th century with the girdle, which would make the woman's waist look disproportionately petite. In the 12th century women would wear a constricting piece of material on the waist to look thinner.

Many elements of society promote the idea of having a "perfect body". This is a guaranteed way to command other's admiration and approval. Society portrays this perfect body as the key-the secret to attracting a romantic partner, to landing a dream job, to having good health and to having popularity, success and self-confidence. In short, society seems to say that the perfect body is the passport to the "good life". What does this perfect body look like? For women, the ideal is either a very thin supermodel/waif look, or an impossibly voluptuous figure. Men, on the other hand,