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Select three businesses and compare and contrast them to each other


I have been appointed by Your Choice.com to compare documents. To do this I need to analyse documents; the way I will be analysing is comparing and constructing from reputable organisations such as letters, newsletters, bills invoices and etc.

I need to analyse these documents to produce an evaluation report, to analyse and produce an evaluation report I will be looking at the following the content, suitability, improvements, good bad points improvements and common features.

For the content, I will be looking for the use of language, accuracy, and readability also how it can be improved.

For the layout, I will be looking at the presentation, style of writing and for the suitability. I will be looking for the purpose of the document(s)

The three organisations that I have chosen are the following;

1. British Gas bill and a Webpage

2. N-Power bill and a Webpage

3. British Telecom (BT) bill and a Webpage

Organisation 1

The first organisation, which I will be analysing for this unit, will be British Telecom (BT). British telecommunications plc registry office is located at 81 Newgate Street London EC1A 7AJ, and they web address is www.BT.co.uk

Type of business

BT is one of the largest national plc telephones company in the U.K. BT is a phone company which allows you to phone all over the world on the BT line at reasonable rates. The company's aim is to provide they customers with first-class service.

Type of document

The type of document, which I will be analysing for this company will be an invoice, the invoice is a telephone bill from the company saying what you owe to the company.

Organisation 2

The second organisation that I will be analysing for this...