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Problems with looking "un neat" on the playing field As a sophomore on the Cocoa High's Varsity girl soccer team, I can truly say that our appearance on the field looks revolting as a whole. It simply ruins our reputation, even before we compete. Everyone, even our own school assumed that we have little or no chance winning the game. We get no support at all. That really upset my team and me. Joking around about out school record can go but too far. Yes it's true that we don't have a strong girl soccer record. But we are willing to change that. And we are showing a lot of progress as years goes by. But you got to remember this group of girls works their butts off to even show up for game. You have to give us a lot of credit just for attempting. We sacrifice our time and strength to play these games.

We work awfully hard at every single game. Just because we don't go home winning the game, doesn't mean we are losers. It just means, we have a lot of work to progress our soccer ability. To start with, without us group of girls, Cocoa High wouldn't even have a girl soccer program. And if the school doesn't have it, it also means the boy soccer team wouldn't exist either.

When I sit on the stands watching the Junior Varsity play against other school's Junior Varsity team, the first thing I notice, is how we present ourselves. At the most, other school's has greater a mount of players, at least twice as more then us. We barely made it to where we can start the game. With no substitution, its just mean, "don't get hurt" during the game. And when you're playing aggressively, like you're suppose to, you will have greater chance of getting injured. Which cause the Cocoa Tiger to become weaker then it already is. I know it's not fair that we have to suffer, which most girls drop out of the team. And I know a lot of other girls would like it too, but they don't want other school's to start talking some more about us. Also, lots of us like the sport, and want to continue competing. I understand it's quite hard for us as students to maintain our GPA, clubs and job to also be playing this competitive game. But we still need support from the students and teachers from our school. But just that we don't even get. How do the school body expect us to reach our goal? Do they think there will be some kind of miracle that would just suddenly pop up? Do they actually think we can win without assistance? I don't think so.