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Lesson Plan October 18, 2001 SUBJECT/GRADE LEVEL: Reading/grade 6th OBJECTIVE: students will read Aunt Beast.

AIM: Why is it important not to judge a book by it cover? MATERIALS: Distance Shore textbook Activity Workbooks Notebooks Pencils Blackboard Chalk MOTIVATION: Students will discuss books or movies, which contains characters other than humans.

Students will discuss what makes each of us different.

Students will discuss why it's important not to judge someone according to their appearance.

PROCEDURES: Teacher will read "sometimes, people can't see the marvels within things that are strange to them. In this selection, Meg discovers that what's on the surface doesn't always reflect what's inside.

Teacher will read the introduction of the story.

As the story is read the teacher will discuss/ask: How does Meg and Calvin react differently when they first see the beasts? How does Meg feel about the beasts at the end of the story? What happen to change how Meg feels about the beasts? What does Meg learn about vision and its importance? HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT: Why do you think that the tallest beast was able to communicate more effectively with Calvin than with Mr.

Murry? How do you know that Calvin and Meg are brave children? How do you know that Meg will recover under the care of Aunt Beast? How do you know that Meg blames her father for losing Charles Wallace? EVALUATION: The students will write a response to literature. How are the beasts able to gain the trust of Mr. Murry and Meg? FOLLOW UP: The students will write a summary that explains the goal of the beasts in the story, how they try to accomplish their goal, and what happens at the end as a result.

The students will complete the vocabulary section on page 51 in the student activity workbooks.