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Resident Evil 3-Nemesis Bio Hazard 3-Last Escape --Faqs/Walkthrough--[by Rann Yong] Last update: October 1st, 1999 Table of Contents ----------------- 01. Intro 02. What's New 03. Controls 04. Characters 05. Walkthrough I. September 28th, daylight...

II. October 1st, night...

06. Secrets 07. Mecenaries Game 08. Rank/ Grade 09. Miscellaneous 10. About 11. Special Thanks 01. Intro --------- This is the first faq/ walkthrough I ever wrote, so please forgive me for not good in writting this faq. I must say that this game is harder than the previous series of Bio Hazard as the Boss (the one chasing you) in this episode is difficult to handle. So don't underestimate this game! Nemesis will come running at you all the time! He won't rest until you die in his hand...you will notice that, by the time he appear he will say "DIE!!" For this faq is quite or very hard for me to explain because there's lot of parts such as where the item location is, will differs according to your progress in the game.

So instead of telling you where the item is, I rather not include that, sorry!! But don't worry the item can be obviously seen if you look hard.

This game is rather short but writting walkthrough is not that short...especially come explaining something difficult although my explaination is not that good. The walkthrough section only emphasize on the important item such as key. In other words, the location of green herbs, first aid spray, etc is not discussed.

I recommended you guys and gals go get all the Bio Hazard series, as to exactly know what is happening. The objective in Bio Hazard 3 is solely escaping from the Raccoon City.

02. What's New -------------- Version 0.2 ----------- -include walkthrough, character, miscellaneous faq including gunpowder...