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Race and my Community

Jeff Weigel

Axia College of University of Phoenix

January 8, 2008

My name is Jeff Weigel and I was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I grew up and live in an immediate suburb of Minneapolis called Robbinsdale. Minneapolis and its suburbs are very diverse, there are many different cultures residing in the area. A lot of the people look like me, but there are also a lot that looks different. There are many different skin tones and cultures here. According to the U.S. Census Bureau 73.9% white, 12.4% black, .8% American Indian or Alaskan Native, 4.4% Asian, 14.8% Hispanic or Latino (of any race), and 6.3% other race (Minnesota Fact Sheet, 2006).

The community leaders here treat every race equally; they do not put one race on a pedestal. I believe they treat people that look like me the same as people that do not look like me.

The only place that may seem they treat races differently is the court system. I have seen cases on the news where a white man will get a lesser charge than an African American man. I can't say that this is true in every case, which I'm sure it is not. Perhaps the cases I have seen on the news had special circumstances, such as the person's back-round. Have they been in trouble before, have they committed this same crime? The person may have been given a chance pervious to the story that made the news. I'm sure there is a case where a white man faced the same charge as an African American and got a more severe punishment. So I would have to say that the community leaders in Minneapolis do treat all races...