Was the use of the atomic bomb justified?

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During World War II Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and ruined many of our fleets and military. The decision on what to do to deal with Japan was a tough one. America made the right decision on dropping the atomic bomb on Japan.

The atomic bomb was necessary in order to assure the war would end as soon as possible. On August 6th the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, on august 9th a second one was dropped on Nagasaki, and on August 10th Japan declared its intention to surrender. This is clear proof that atomic bomb was an effective way to end the war. Even if it did kill many people it might actually have killed less people then if we had kept the war going for much longer.

Japan brought it on themselves. Japan surprised us with an attack on Pearl Harbor. This was one of the worst things that could've been done.

We were not expecting this to happen at all because Pearl Harbor is too shallow to drop bombs into it so we had kept almost all of our fleet there. Japan invented something to go over part of the bombs so that it would make it okay to do this. Japan hit us hard very hard and we had to choice but to strike back with war. They hit us harder then we could've expected in Pearl Harbor and they deserved a good hard hit back.

If we didn't drop the bomb on Japan, then Japan would've done something to us. Both of the countries needed desperately to have the other one surrender. The war had been going on for a long time and it wasn't going anywhere something drastic had to be done. It was better that it be done to Japan because...