The use of effective language devices enhances the plot of “The deep blue nothing”.

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The use of effective language devices enhances the plot of "The deep blue nothing".! The story "The deep blue nothing" is about a boy swimming in the sea and was drowning, he sees a vision of death and then was resurrected. The writer uses many effective language technique t enhance the plot.!! The composer of "The deep blue nothing" starts of with a peaceful tone. Contrasting paragraphs, used in the first paragraph. The individual is swimming freely in the sea, creating a positive mood. Meanwhile in the second paragraph it turned to a negative mood, instead of freely swimming the individual was held back by a clear fishing line. In the first paragraph the individual's "laughter sent a stream of bubbles to the surface… nothing could hold me back" but that changes in the second paragraph the individual's "lungs screamed for air". Contrast engages the reader because it makes the text more interesting.It changes the mood of the story in a few words, from joy to misery.!! Personification is used in the second paragraph,"My lungs screamed for air". Personification is often used to make the plot more dramatic and interesting. The quote given has been personified and it made the sentence a lot more dramatic. Personification and sometimes relate to us humans, "My lungs screamed for air" can relate to people that have drowned or couldn't get oxygen into their lungs. Personification is used to enhance the plot because it increases the reader interest and keep his/hers attention on the text. !! Towards the middle and the end, the individual doesn't feel "angry, disappointed or even slightly annoyed". The individual was slowly dying. He/She witness a door forming out of nothing. The "door" symbolises death, as the door "handle turned silently: there was no noise". Then when the...