The Vagina Monologues: Play Critique

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On February Eleventh, at eight o'clock PM, I went to the Black Box Theatre in the County Community College in Texas to see a play that was written by the creative Eve Ensler, called "The Vagina Monologues. The Vagina Monologues is a dark comedy blended with a documentary style form which shows the harsh reality of abuse against women that still occurs today, raging from everyday rape to extreme abuse such as female genital mutilation. In an effort to inform the general public, writer Eve Ensler did a wonder job portraying different aspects of women through different voices and various moods of the actors. The ticket cost was eight dollars. It was co-directed by Richard Sharkley, and Katy Drake. Performed by the actresses Maggie Carlson, Rachael Bezozo, Daniel Wilkins, Raye Bonham, Colleen O'Conner, and Amanda Reyes.

Initially, I had attempted to attend the play the night before, although I had arrived 4 minutes behind schedule and was not allowed into the theatre.

Alternatively my tickets were re-scheduled for the next showing. Naturally I became upset of the denial of entry for the acute mistake of timing; although when I had seen the play the next day I had became more respectful of the attendant's denial of entry due to the spectacular setup of the scene. Upon entering the theatre I noticed three optional aspects of view from which an observant can be seated. To access any of the three sides of the theatre you physically need to walk across the main stage, as it is a simple yet interactive theatre setting.

The first magnetic force to lure your eyes was the dim lighting, which highlighted the seating area so play-goers can find their seat safely. After squeezing through the crowd to seat you're self and become comfortable...