Vegetable And Fruit Plants

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Vegetable and Fruit Plants This article will explain about the vegetable and fruit plants.

Vegetable Plants: Homegrown vegetables have different taste than the vegetable you buy. Each vegetable needs certain amount of space in which to grow. Do not try to crowd plants in less space than they require.

Carrots: The carrot is flavorful, and rich in vitamin A but easy to grow and store well. With good planning you can have a homegrown supply of this healthful vegetable for much of the year. Carrot need a short time of period to mature so you can sow first crop early and make several succession plantings. Although the carrots prefer cool weather, planting in hot areas will produce a good crop of you keep the soil well watered. Carrot require a minimum of care. They require only regular watering and weeding. When the plants are 3-4 inches long apply a light amount of fertilizer.

You can repeat it when plants are 6-8 inches tall. Watch for the appearance of orange roots and keep them covered with soil because sunlight will turn them green. Carrots mature fully within 60-85 days.

Cuscumber: Cuscumber needs a lot of attention. But with proper care four of five plants will supply a family all through the summer. Plants require warm weather and mature so quickly that they can be grown almost anywhere. Before planting cuscumber, make sure that you have either plenty of space to give them or something they can climb on. Soil preparation is very important. Dig up the earth up to a foot and use some fertilizer too. Cuscumber need a lot of moisture. Water the soil frequently. Slicing-type cuscumbers are fully ripe when they get to be 6 to 8 inches long but picking cuscumbers, when they are 3/2-3 inches long. Cuscumbers...