"The Venus Project"

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"The Venus Project" was a very interesting play. There were scenes in the play that were very unclear to me. I'm still not entirely sure what the play was even about. One thing about the play that I did like was the acting. The actors casted in this play did an extremely good job. My favorite character was the "Mother." The humor in those scenes kept me entertained. The actors seemed to really understand the play, even though I did not. I thought the main character of this play, the Venus, did an exceptional job. She had a strong voice and seemed to really understand her character. Some of the scenes in this play seemed uncomfortable for the actors, but I think overall, everyone did a good job. The actors looked very professional. They all spoke loud and clear and looked into the audience.

One thing that I was confused about in this play is toward the end there was a woman who looked like part of the production crew in front of the audience.

I wasn't sure if she was supposed to be there or if something was wrong. That was very distracting because I kept glancing at her to see what she was doing instead of paying attention to the acting. The actors were very enthusiastic throughout the entire play. I could definitely tell how dedicated they were. I couldn't really get into the play because I didn't understand it, so I couldn't really get into the acting as much as I could have if I knew what the play was about. I really liked the humor and wit of the play. There were a lot of funny parts, and a lot of random scenes. I didn't understand the screen with flashing pictures and the number countdown. I wasn't sure what that was all about. Overall, I think the acting was very good, as I said before, just the play was confusing for me.