The Victim of Our Economical Setting: The Rich or

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In the book Reading and Writing Short Arguments, articles "Downsizing the Middle Class" and "The Poor Have Enslaved The Rich" set totally different perspectives concerning the unfair distributed wealth in our society. Written by Rhonda Burns, "Downsizing the Middle Class" is an argument of how the rich exploits the working class through immoral conduct on job offerings and in politics. "The Poor Have Enslaved The Rich," on the other hand, the author Paul Craig Roberts describes how the majority takes advantage of the rich's fortune throughout taxation. In addition, the disagreement between Burns and Roberts's debate does not just stop here; profoundly, the way they select facts extends this disagreement much deeper to assumptions and definition of groups.

Burns's choice of information shows how she applies observable facts and ideas to divide the society members into two groups-business owners and the working class, and how those facts lead to undeniable consequence.

According to the central claim of Burns's argument, the rich capitalists apply the principle of "survival of the fittest" only to themselves (93). By practicing "downsizing" and "outsourcing" to people in their business entities, those business tycoons give themselves "golden parachutes" or increase "new profits and growth" (Burns 93). By oiling the wheels through "both political parties," the rich businessmen diminish workers safeguards from law (Burns 94). The moral story behind the scene Burns assumes is how the utilitarianism of all corporations' presidents and CEOs believe impairs the general workers' lives. Hence, they target their personnel and try to make workers maneuverable to fit their greed (Burns 93). The consequence of the working class will definitely follow and fall to "the bottom of society." In distinction, Roberts's choice of information shows how he applies statistical information to several groups based on different tax packages, and how those facts...