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Viking's Daily Lives

Vikings lived in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark from 800-1100 A.D. There were three kinds of Vikings the Jomsvikings, who ranged from age 8 to 50 and were tough. There were no women allowed. The second kind of Vikings with the Berserks, they were even tougher. They dressed in the skins of wolf or bear and sometimes even went naked in battle. They would have a fit of rage if there were no more enemies to kill, so they would wrestle with boulders and slam them into trees. The third kind of Vikings is the regular ones that everyone knows all little bit about. And if you only know a little bit about them, then I'll tell you some more. Everyone knows about the Vikings battling England, Ireland, France, and Italy but forget war, I'll tell you about the Vikings daily lives.


Vikings grew hay from nearby meadows to feed their livestock.

From April to May they grew and harvested barley and oats. From May to June Viking women went to the seashore to collect countless sea bird eggs. When they came home they make eggs for the men being that all from Viking women cooked. From mid-August to September they harvest corn for corn cakes.

Viking Animal Usage

In the winter when the Vikings couldn't farm because of snow and the frozen ground, they tanned animal skins to make leather. When they tan the animal hide they first kill the animal, skin it, and then take the hair off the skin. After that they add certain chemicals to transform it into leather. With the leather they make such things as shoes, clothing, and harnesses for horses. To do these kinds of jobs most families had slaves. During the winter Vikings also fished. They caught fish with...