violence in hockey

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Violence in Hockey

Conn Smythe, one of hockey s most respected figures, once said, If you can t beat em in the alley, you can t beat em on the ice. So, how can hockey be a clean and respectable sport if one of its former presidents tells us the only way to win is through back-alley violence? Obviously there are a few problems that have to be addressed concerning hockey in today s society. These problems are causing the downfall of a beautiful game. With a few simple revisions, the downfall can be remedied. First, hockey is loosing its meaning. Second, violence is detrimental to the success of hockey teams. Third, hockey players are misleading the youth by acting as faulty role models. Fourth, hockey players are frequently being injured. Therefore, premeditated acts of violence must be eliminated from hockey.

The National Hockey League (N.H.L.) needs to further continue the fight against deliberate acts of violence to uphold the integrity and prosperity of hockey.

Hockey writer Jerry Sullivan suggests that the N.H.L. supports and condones violence within the game (Sullivan). In accordance with that, hockey expert analysts Jim Hunt and Don Cherry, also agree that the N.H.L. needs to be tougher in the policing its players (Hunt). As a result of acts of ruthless violence in the past, the N.H.L has started handling acts of violence that occur on the ice (Gordon). The efforts have been rewarded by a higher quality of hockey that appeals to a larger fan base (Gordon). Since fights have dropped in the N.H.L., the leagues popularity and profitability have risen 18% from 1998-2000 (Westervelt). Hockey games have also started to appeal to a wider spectrum of people (Westervelt). With the extra revenue from larger the fan base, there is of a more opportunity for...