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The Last Supper was Leonardo Da Vinci's first wall painting. The painting is in the Dominican Monastery in Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan. Da Vinci began it in 1495 and finished it 1 497. The painting is 15 ft and 1 in. x 28ft and 10 ½ in. Lucovico Sforza commissioned The Last Supper for the family mausoleum. For this painting, Da Vinci created his own medium of tempera on stone, which required a strong base of gesso, pitch, and mastic to seal well against the damp and to provide even ground for the paint. Unfortunately, this medium proved unstable and as a result, the paint began to decay from the ground up within a few years of completion. Humidity and a doorway that was cut into the lower part of the table- cloth in 1652 caused the original decay. Even though the doorway was sealed, the damage is still visible.

The art depicts The Last Supper as Da Vinci viewed it. This is when Christ told the apostles that he would die soon and to eat the bread as his body and drink the wine as his blood. He also said someone would betray him and great confusion was caused by that statement. Evil was shown by the statement of betrayal, i.e. Judas was paid by the Romans to point out whom the messiah or the "Son of God" (Jesus) was. The good in this painting is obviously portrayed by the presence of Jesus Christ. To Jesus' right are St. John, Judas holding a pouch, and St. Peter. To his left are St. Thomas with a pointed finger, St. James the Greater, and St. Philip.

I believe Da Vinci's view of The Last Supper is accurate as described in the New Testament. Some have said Da Vinci shouldn't...